Monday, October 3, 2011

YES I'm awared! + Glitter platform wedges

So weirdly enough I don't know what happened to my pictures on here but apparently it got removed/deleted. Annoyed. I won't re-post them up since that will just take too much of my time, instead I'm gonna start blogging again to make it up for my followers who are still following. Of course that would mean NEW pictures and updates coming soon! :)

In the meantime, I came across these glitter platform wedge shoes today at Charlotte Russe. I like them but we all know how uncomfortable Charlotte Russe shoes can be. They rarely ever carry half sizes on their shoes nowadays. So the 6 I tried on was too tight and the 7 was kinda big. Have you guys seen them around at your Charlotte Russe? What's your thoughts on it?


TzeYien89 said...

I like your new layout! love the banner! and of course, love the shoes =) xxx

wieneragnes said...

Your blog is awesome.
You got a new reader. :)
visit me :)