Monday, December 3, 2012

Favorite Lashes of the Month!

For the past two months I've been wearing nonstop these AMAZING limited edition MAC lashes #35! They were once permanent at MAC stores only then got discounted. I was uber excited when they got relaunched during Marilyn Monroe collection (October 4, 2012)!

I'm big when it comes to lashes! I love how they can completely transform your look in minutes. If you were to ask me "what can't I leave the house without?" (makeup related). It's definitely hands-down mascara and lashes! What girl doesn't love these two products?! Lol

Lash Details: These #35 are quite natural looking believe it or not. I really like how they are spaced out which gives them that unique edgy look. The hairs are place longer at the middle point and shorter at both ends. Thanks to the brown and black hair on it too, it gives them that natural look. Most importantly the band is clear, super thin, and comfortable! Which is a big part when trying to make sure they marry well with your real ones.

I get so many compliments out of them. They are if not my second favorite pair of lashes!

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